(EN) Krewella-France interview (11/22/13)

If you don’t know by now, we had the incredible chance to interview Krewella on November 23rd.

Given this chance by Columbia Records, we were obviously very excited to see them, so please excuse my English mistakes and other misspelled words and expressions in the video. I hope you will enjoy this interview!

(For our German friends (and other blocked countries), the video will be uploaded on another video service )

Krewella-France: Okay so let’s just start. We are thrilled to see you today, we are following you for like 8 months or something so (it means the website is on since), that’s pretty great to see you today.

Jahan: Thank you for your support and spreading the word.
Yasmine: Yes, thank you!

KF: Thank you. We’ll just ask you a few questions even if I don’t really have a good accent 🙂

Kris and Yasmine: You’re fine 🙂


KF: Thank you 🙂 You killed it in the USA with the GET WET tour. It’s now finished, it was pretty awesome. So how was it? What is your best souvenir?

Yasmine: It was… As a whole, it was wonderful, I think we had the best tour of our lives, and we loved bringing Candyland and Seven Lions with us, they’re amazing people. What was the highlight ? What was the best night?
Kris: Chicago.
Yasmine: The last night, Chicago, was the best night. But other amazing cities that stay in our minds are DC and Boston, Denver. The whole thing was amazing, beautiful.

KF: Okay. Was it different from the play hard tour?

Yasmine: (laughs) very different.
Jahan: Very different from the play hard tour… Oh, the play hard tour was a mess! It was a hot mess, it was fun. Yeah it was different because, we think about the sleeping situations we were staying in the quality inn, the budget inn, and, if you come to the states that’s the shittiest hotel room… It smelt bad, rusty tubs, we were sharing one room…
Yasmine: we shared one room!
Jahan: There’s no privacy at all… and then in the Get Wet tour, we had a beautiful bus we were staying on with cosy bunks every nights, it was different. No one knew our songs when we were on the play hard tour. Some people in the front rows did but, I think a lot of people were coming out just to scope us out and see what we were like on the PH tour. On the Get Wet tour, people were coming out to sing our songs. It’d be rare to see that on the Play Hard tour.
Kris: And then we had the Volcano travelling with us, which was amazing… We had sound technicians so every night sounded great …

KF: So it was more professional?

Kris & Yasmine: Oh yeah it was.
Jahan: Professional is the word.




KF: What are you going to do now for the next year?

Yasmine: Well, we’ll be working on the second album. It’s coming along, nicely, but it probably won’t be out before a very long time. And then, I think 2014 will be dedicated mostly to touring internationally, so hopefully we’ll be back in Paris, or somewhere in France again. And then, maybe a new small American tour. So, working on the second album and touring.

KF: Ok, so like this year 🙂 How do you feel about all this ? A year ago, you were only known by EDM fans, and now you’re a world-known trio producing in the best EDM festivals like UMF. So what is it like?

Jahan: It feels like a dream, it’s weird. It’s a dream but at the same time we’re busy every day, working, whether we’re touring or in the studio so… it hasn’t really settled down yet but it’s just we’re working so much. Sometimes we will have our moments where we sit back and will say “where were we exactly a year ago?” A year ago we were in Australia, trying to figure out how to do the hybrid live vocal performance, it was our first time experiment.
Yasmine: Yeah, and it was baaad.
Jahan: Yeah, we only had a few people singing our songs in the front row… So, yeah, it was a different era for us, and now I think we feel much more confident, less confused as artists. We know what we stand for, we know what we’re doing.

KF: Okay. So, about Get Wet, it’s pretty much making it, no need to say you destroyed the US Dance billboard and did also very well in French charts (Kris: oh cool! KF: yeah, it’s really a blast!) How do you explain such a success in the world?

Yasmine: You know, it’s hard to think as yourself as successful when you just make the music and don’t pay attention to the business, the numbers or anything like that. So we’re very much on the outside. But… If we really think about it, it’s crazy, it makes us want to work harder and… It’s overwhelming sometimes to think that two years ago, we had nothing and now, there’s so much in our path, and we can do whatever we want. It feels amazing, we’re very blessed.
Kris: Yeah I think there’s like milestones : we put out Killin’ It first in January 2012-waow-and then… Then, you know, we did Alive and the Play Hard EP and these new things… We reached a certain thing : Oh this person has heard our music and we got on this blog or this happened… Reaching for more and more, trying to push ourselves.


KF: Okay. United Kids of the World was just released this week (understand the music was posted on YouTube). You kind of brought melody into a genre which is sometimes lacking it. Are you planning on experimenting other uncommon genres in the mainstream EDM?

Kris: Absolutely, yeah. I think there’s so much fun about working on new materials. Even if you look at Get Wet compared to Play Hard compared to Strobelights and One Minute, it was pushing the genres, you know, hearing new things and inspirations… And even now we are putting more of a spin on it, the “Krewella sound”.

KF: Great. So, we have a few fan questions. We asked them to submit their questions. So, what are some of your best « pinch me, is this really happening? » moments throughout the years? It’s from a US fan.

Yasmine: Hmm… Being in France! For Starfloor. This is our first show in France, and one of our first shows outside North-America and Canada. So, tonight on Starfloor will be a pinch me moment. What else?
Jahan:  Lately what we have been doing is doing a verse of Alive. I sing the first line (she sings), and then I hold up the mic to the crowd and I’ll sing a line after that and so it turns into a call response with our fans. And, the first time we did that, it almost brought me in tears. We have ears, you know, we have a monitor so we only hear ourselves and the music, so I take off the ear and I can finally hear the crowd is singing. And I didn’t know that the whole show, I didn’t know the crowd was singing. It was a pinch me moment, I just couldn’t believe it.
Yasmine: It was so loud, it were drowning her out.
Kris: I do the same thing, they have the in-ears and I am behind the booth during the live, I just turn all the music down and I listen to the crowd singing, it’s crazy.
Yasmine:  Yeah, it gives me chills.

KF: About the video you did with AskMen.com: what’s the thing with eating flowers, Jahan?

Jahan: I think I’m a spontaneous person and I do things in the moment. I actually love roses, I’m not a feminine person at all but the one feminine thing about me is that I love receiving roses. And I like to keep roses, I usually dry them… You know, paint them black and dry them …
Yasmine: That still doesn’t explain why you eat them! (laughs)
Jahan: I know, I just felt like doing it in the moment! I love to surprise people too and I just wanted to get his reaction… That was a test: I wanted to see if I’d scared him away but he stayed on the date with me, a 2-hour date. He accepted me.


KF: Yeah, the video was pretty awesome. And Kris, the other one is for you: you’re the real singer in this group; can you sing a short demo for us? What about Alive? For the French Krew 😉

Kris: Oh yeah!
Yasmine: Do it, do it!
(Singing along)
Kris: Oh, the piano part?

KF: No, no (laughs)

(Kris and Jahan singing)
Yasmine:  ???
(Kris singing)
Yasmine: Yes! Awesome!

KF: Great! So another question…

Jahan: What about Yasmine?

KF: Yeaaah, we didn’t prepare any question for Yasmine.

Yasmine: That’s okay, it was a self-experiment.
Jahan: Ask her to rap for you!
Yasmine: Noooo, no, no, no. That’s okay.

KF: Yeah, why not?

Yasmine: Next question!

KF: Come on, can you rap a bit for the French krew?

Yasmine: I don’t really rap!
(Kris starting, Yasmine goes on)
Yasmine: No more, no more!

Krewella en interview !

Krewella en interview !

KF: What is it like to know that at any point in time, there’s likely to be at least one person around the world who is listening to your life’s work?

Yasmine: Oh my god I never thought of that.

KF: That’s a bit deep.

Yasmine: That’s so cool! That’s awesome.
Jahan: I thought of that before. Well I thought about the fact that when you’re listening to music, when you’re listening to music alone, there’s someone in the world, out of a million, you know, millions of millions of people, or someone in your city who is listening to the same song.
Yasmine: I think that shows that we’re always connected to someone. And that feels really good that we’re always connected to someone in the krew. That feels good.
Jahan: I love that fact. Cause you know, sometimes we don’t speak the same language. We’re going to Indonesia, you know, and it’s crazy.

KF: Cause the music is talking.

Yasmine: Yeah!
Jahan: And here, we’re very lost in translation. I can’t speak French but…

KF: Yeah, I’ve seen your last tweet! (laughs)

Jahan: Yeah, but I love that because I know that I was smiling more than ever. And saying thank you too.

KF: Okay. One last question before we finish. Kris, we know that you’ve done sound engineering studies. What about you girls? Did you ever take singing lessons?

Yasmine: No. We never… I didn’t took any lesson as a child.

KF: You’re a natural.

Jahan: I was in a choir. That classifies as lessons I guess.
Yasmine: Does it?
Jahan: Yeah.
Yasmine: We never did like, voice lessons, just one on one.
Kris: They went to my school. (Understand they learnt with him)
Yasmine: Yeah!
Jahan: It’s true!
Kris: It’s hard and it makes you cry.
Jahan: He put us through a bootcamp before we actually did ??? We were like in Kris’ house everyday with songs and he would make me cry sometimes just by rejecting song writing. But…
Yasmine: We were practicing on him, we would take songs that we love, like a hard song to sing that one of our favorite artists would sing and we would try to sing it and practice over and over again. But never official voice lessons.

KF: Bands like Slipknot or Blink 182?

Yasmine: Oh I love Blink. But maybe more like Leona Lewis. She has really hard songs to sing, so I would choose a hard song to sing. Trying to get better.
Kris: I didn’t know that.
Yasmine: Yeah.


Krewella signe les livrets

Krewella signe les livrets


KF: Well, we have finished with the questions.

Krewella: Cool!

After that, they signed a few album booklets for the French fans, and also an iPhone Hardcase (which David Carlson used on his iPhone and they tried to remove it for like 2 minutes). They also did a few personalized shout outs for some chosen fans. They also asked a few questions about the website and all, about us…

Finally, we want to thank Columbia France for giving us the opportunity to make this dream come true, Fun radio for agreeing on this and, obviously, Krewella for being this awesome! Thank you guys!